The Power of Community

Hello friends!

It’s been a rainy past few days in Denver, and I’m loving it! Finally giving myself the time and space to create here at home, so I felt it was the appropriate time to write!

I’ve been really inspired lately to write about the importance and power of community. Last month, I joined a previous co-worker in Costa Rica for her first sacred self care retreat. She hosted 17 women at a beautiful retreat space to help remind everyone of some ways in which we can give ourselves self care. Being with that community of women for a week was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. We were all so honest, open, vulnerable, and unapologetically ourselves. We laughed, cried, and shared some of the most beautiful and tender moments together. We shared some of our goals and strengths, as well as our fears and shortcomings. Carly created such a sweet container where we could all feel seen and heard, and it really inspired me to bring this sense of honest, supportive community back home with me.

Last night, another powerful woman in my life hosted such a wonderful women’s new moon circle in her home. We each brought some epsom salts, herbs, and essential oils to combine together while setting intentions for the new moon in Taurus. We each took a turn adding in our oils and herbs while sharing what was going on in our lives and what we’re hoping to accomplish, learn, or change during this next moon phase. Again – such an empowering and enlightening experience. I found myself thinking “me too” almost every time one of the women spoke. It was so beautiful to see how similar we all are, and how connected our experiences are to each other. It was also a great reminder that EVERYONE has stuff happening, everyone has struggles or fears, and everyone is constantly going through change. Having these moments of openness and expression was so nice, and to be surrounded by other women lifting you up, identifying with your words, and encouraging you to embrace those changes and keep pressing forward, was truly magical.

New Moon in Taurus Gathering

The things linking these two experiences together are the fact that they were communities of women, we were all seeking connection – either to ourselves or others, and all of the experiences we shared have rippled out into the world around each of us who attended them. When we come together to discuss goals and ideas for the future, we are collectively physically and energetically supporting those things. We are giving voice to our desires and dreams, and our audience is actively listening and encouraging us to go for it!

So many times in my life I’ve found myself in unsavory relationships with my family, friends, partners, coworkers, etc. because of the lack of real community. I have felt uninspired, unloved, unimportant…and many other lower vibrational feels. I lacked support and encouragement. I lacked unconditional love acceptance. I lacked inspiration and connection to those I was giving my time and energy to. Each of these things have seemed to coincide with one another. If one is out of balance, it can throw the others out of balance. That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT to surround yourself with a powerful and loving community of people! When you’re with those who lift you up, who teach you new things, who listen to you and see you for who you are, and who encourage you to be the best version of yourself – your life will transform! When we come together to not only share and inspire but also support one another, shift starts to happen – not just in our lives, but the ones around us. I came home from both of these events with a sense of renewal and clarity that made my relationships and even my day to day life so much nicer. When I’m being encouraged/inspired by others, it helps me feel like I can be of better support to everyone else. When I can be of better support to everyone else, maybe they feel like they’re able to continue the encouragement to the people in their lives. It creates a ripple of compassion, support, and positivity in your community when you can take the time to give and receive from the people closest to you.


The connections I’m seeking out most these days are those based on love, vulnerability, non judgement, and encouragement to be the best I can be. I’m so grateful to have been blessed these past couple months with the presence of powerful amazing women, sharing space and time together. I hope that I can continue to bring this energy out into the world around me, and that it will continue a cycle throughout my community and beyond.

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