Private Wellness Instruction

Photo: Kevin Aragon

I aim to help my clients feel well in their bodies through movement, nourishment, stillness, and introspection. How can we work together to create a wellness environment for you to thrive in?

Private Yoga

I offer a safe space for yoga instruction specific to what you want to work on. Whether that’s flexibility, pain management, strength or stillness. We can work together to accomplish your movement goals.

Meal Prep/Food Consultation

Does cooking feel overwhelming? Are you not sure where to start to change your diet or eating habits? Are you overwhelmed with all the buzzwords in the food world? I’m here to help! Let’s create a meal plan to fit your needs. I’m happy to offer cooking instruction or private chef services to help demystify the kitchen and nutrition for you.

Mindfulness Practices

I love creating routines and practices to help you become organized within your days so that you can prioritize the things that are most important to your overall well-being. We can work together to formulate wellness routines that make sense for your life and schedule. From movement and meditation, to food preparation and supplementation, to gratitude practices and adequate sleep. I’m here to help you implement the changes you want to make to find success in your wellness routines.

For individual pricing, wellness bundles, or to set up a consultation, please email me at and let’s get started on your wellness journey!

“Brittany inspires passion for food through her colorful dishes and delicious combinations. She teaches you how to take simple ingredients and create a satisfying and nutrient-dense meal. Quality of your food is the name of the game and Brittany does an incredible job showing you how to prioritize your health while eating bomb food. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fueling your body to live a fulfilling life.”

— Mary France

“I did a yoga session with Brittany, and I cannot think of enough words to say how well it went. She has a great depth of knowledge and combines that with her kind and caring nature. She makes you feel completely at peace. Brittany is amazing and I would recommend her for any and all yoga sessions!”

— Nemo

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