Brittany Does Music

Among my various passions, music has always been at the top of my list of favorite things. I’ve often volunteered to be in charge of the aux cord, I usually want to showcase new music I’ve found, and mostly like being the person to set the tone for whatever activity we’re doing. Because of my love of music, I began pursuing DJing and production.

I LOVE to DJ. I love sharing other peoples’ new music, I love watching people respond as I take them on a journey through my music library, I love surprising listeners by dropping throwback jams or obscure tracks that only a handful of people recognize. Playing music for yoga classes, art shows, or any event where I can be background music to add to the experience is my favorite – although I do like bringing the heat for dance parties.

My tastes range from jazz/funk, to hip hop/rap and electronic/experimental beats. Really just anything that gives me goosebumps when I hear it, I want to share with people.

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