Cooking + Yoga Retreat

Soulful Summer: Food & Yoga Retreat 

August 13-17th 2020

Join us for a 5 day cooking and yoga retreat in the beautiful Colorado mountains!



Whether you are brand new to the practice of yoga or a well seasoned yogi this retreat will invite you to connect with your body and mind in fresh and inspiring ways. We will begin and end every day with yoga and meditation practices. The morning sessions will be focused on a flow-based style while the evenings will be geared toward slower, more gentle and yin forms of movement. During the afternoon we will be hosting workshops that explore the art of communication and connection to delve deeper with ourselves and one another.  



Are you curious about how to navigate the kitchen, grocery store, or farmers market? Do you have questions about how to cook veggies, meat, gluten free and dairy free options, etc? Have you heard nutrition “buzzwords” and diet fads and want a bit more clarity about why these things work/don’t work for some? Are you excited about full body, mind, and spirit wellness? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, this retreat is just  for you!

Photo: Sean Callahan

Over the course of this retreat, we’ll dive into what it means to feel well from the inside out. Through yoga practices, meditation, cooking tutorials, nutrition talks, ceremony and relationship, we will tap in to a deeper understanding of how to nourish ourselves. This is not a “one size fits all” approach, as we know each individual is unique. One diet will not work for all, nor will one type of movement. Our main objective is to provide information and a holistic experience so you have the tools to proceed in whichever way resonates with you and works for your lifestyle. We truly believe one can achieve wellness by a deeper understanding of our relationships to each aspect of our lives, from grocery shopping and cooking, to movement, meditation & introspection, to ceremony and relationship.


Sample schedule:

  • 6:00am Morning coffee/tea, fruit
  • 6:45am Meditation + yoga
  • 8:00am Breakfast
  • 10:00am Food/nutrition lecture
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 1:00pm Cooking tutorial
  • 3:00pm Free time – optional excursion/hike/activity
  • 5:00 Yoga of the Mind Workshops 
  • 6:00pm Yin/restorative practice
  • 7:00pm Dinner
  • 8:00pm Fire, tea, decompression

Schedule is a loose idea and is subject to change depending on how the day flows.

Meet Your Teachers:

Photo: Neil Gandhi

Brittany found cooking at a very young age. She remembers pulling up a step stool to the stove to scramble eggs as a child. That’s where the first flames of her passion for cooking were kindled. Throughout her life, wellness has been a common theme of interest. From completing massage therapy school, to working for a nutrition company, to attending various yoga trainings, nutrition therapy school, and ultimately assuming the role of head chef for yoga retreats & trainings, she dove head first into the world of whole body wellness. She truly believes in the connection between food & movement and their impact on various aspects of our life and health. She’s studied yoga with some of the best instructors out there, and feels passionately about implementing intelligent and functional movement into her classes as well as awareness of the body and how yours works specifically for you. She truly believes in individuality and understands that everyone  comes from different places and experiences, and with that knowledge she has learned to approach diet, movement & lifestyle from a myriad of different perspectives. Her desire is to help people heal themselves by equipping them with the information and tools necessary to make choices that best serve your body, mind, and spirit. Follow along on Instagram @brittanydoeslife

Photo: Neil Gandhi

Christine is a yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer based in Austin, TX. Her deepest passion is to share the transformative practice of yoga as she attributes her own growth directly to this healing modality. Christine carries over 1000 hours in yoga education, personal training and 1:1 myofascial release.  She loves to teach and serve in the world of retreats and yoga trainings. Anderson specializes in teaching power based classes that focus on breath, alignment and yoga philosophy. Her vinyasa flow classes will leave you dripping with sweat and release, while her restorative offerings will have you feeling blissed and grounded. She finds deep joy in getting people to work hard as much as she cares about guiding people into deep relaxation. Hosting retreats is near to Christine’s heart simply because she loves creating community for people to practice together, travel together, adventure together and ultimately grow together. When Christine isn’t teaching in the studio, hosting a retreat or leading a training you can find her cooking, running, biking, bouldering, traveling or kicking back with her friends at the Springs.

Find her on Instagram @christine_anderson_yoga

The Space:


Red Crags Estates is located in Manitou Springs, Colorado near beautiful natural wonders like Garden of the Gods and Cave of the Winds Mountain Park. This historic building features Victorian style interior decor complete with wood burning stoves and clawfoot bathtubs, as well as some modern additions and amenities (including WiFi). Manitou Springs is a quaint town with naturally fed mineral springs that you can fill your water vessel with, a spa & hot soaking pools plus various other local shops to peruse at your leisure.


To keep the retreat affordable and accessible, all rooms will be shared. Our hope is that this inspires another layer of connection for the attendees with their bunk mate. Our rooms are where we can decompress and spend time in a space that feels like our own, but will mostly be where we store our things and sleep. That being said, this pricing reflects the cost of lodging, food, and all the fabulous classes and workshops being offered – not to mention bonus treats and surprises to be revealed upon arrival. Space is limited so reserve yours today! Email Brittany ( with questions & payment plan info!


Deposit to hold your space is non-refundable


Early Bird Registration

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Available until 6/1/20


Late Registration

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