Brittany Does Yoga

Oh, yoga. Where do I even begin? I guess I could start with the very first time I took a yoga class. I was in Austin, I was at Yoga Yoga, and I was doing a hatha star class (that’s their level 1). I walked into the classroom, not knowing what to expect. There were all these preconceived ideas of what I thought yoga could be, but I didn’t expect much more than exercising. We moved through our practice and were served a chai tea afterwards. The instructor mentioned that I had a “beautiful practice”. Me? The first timer? How? Surely I wasn’t doing all the things properly…but, still, the practice itself was beautiful.

It wasn’t until many classes later that I started to grasp the concept that yoga isn’t about how a posture looks, but more about how the posture feels. Not forcing your body to do the things it’s not ready to do, but meeting yourself where you’re at in your practice and honoring your body’s needs. I learned about not competing with other students and being okay with the fact that I wasn’t at their level. The more I attended, the more I learned. Then one day, I took a six month trip to Colorado to live in the mountains where there weren’t any yoga studios to practice at. I began using an app on my iPad and practicing daily. When I returned to Austin and got back into classes, I realized the value of having an instructor there to help give alignment cues, and alternate options to deepen my practice. It was then that I decided to take my 200hr teacher training through Yoga Illumined with Zoe Mantarakis and Sumukhi Devi. I can honestly say my life has never been the same since I started teacher training. So many things come up, and there is so much information to digest, I felt like I was in hyper speed trying to soak up as much knowledge as I could. I didn’t intend on teaching when I completed the training, I just wanted to learn. And boy did I learn some shit!

After completing my teacher training, I decided I wanted to try doing yoga as a full-time career. I was teaching 10+ classes each week at multiple locations all over the city. My body, mind, and spirit were thriving in ways I never knew were possible. My relationship with myself improved, my relationship with others improved, and my overall well-being improved. It is because of all the benefits I’ve received from the practice of yoga, that I want to share it with you all here. Practice with me online!


Private Yoga Instruction

Looking for a more personal approach? Private yoga instruction may be just what you’ve been needing! Together we can formulate a personalized practice for exactly what’s going on in your body. Private yoga instruction can take place in person or via Skype if we aren’t in the same part of the world. Book your first visit today!


Private Yoga Instruction – Single



Private Yoga Instruction – 5 Pack




2 thoughts on “Brittany Does Yoga

  • Brittany you are such an beautiful inspiration to me. As you know I’ve begun my weight loss journey and it’s going really well. I’d love to have a private lesson with you via Skype soon, I’d have to wait till my next check on the 18th but I think this would help emencley with my transformation. Possibly a Saturday or Sunday morning? If you don’t still have my number it’s 2815128180. Love you girl Austin is a little less bright without you ✨❤️✌️


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