Gluten & Grain Free Sweet Potato Toast!

I love avocado toast. A lot. I love breakfast sandwiches served open-faced on a delicious slice of bread. My body, however, doesn’t particularly love bread as much as my mouth does. I have tried different gluten free breads here and there, some of them are great compromises, some of them aren’t. BUT – sweet potato??Continue reading “Gluten & Grain Free Sweet Potato Toast!”

Gluten Free Hemp Protein Banana Pancakes

I really try to keep my sugar cravings in check, but sometimes you just need a pancake! Usually when I have a couple over ripe bananas, it’s time to bake banana muffins or some banana pancakes! Today, I chose to add hemp protein powder for a little extra oomf. Because let’s be honest, most of usContinue reading “Gluten Free Hemp Protein Banana Pancakes”

For the Love of FOOD

“Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It’s inseparable from those from the get-go.” -Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain was constantly on the hunt for new food, culture, and “parts unknown”. He was truly an inspiration in the culinaryContinue reading “For the Love of FOOD”

Blossoming Together

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms” -Zen Shin Yesterday I was feeling completely discouraged. I had an interaction with a close friend that made me question everything I’ve ever believed to be true about this person, and more importantly – the work I wanted toContinue reading “Blossoming Together”

The Power of Community

Hello friends! It’s been a rainy past few days in Denver, and I’m loving it! Finally giving myself the time and space to create here at home, so I felt it was the appropriate time to write! I’ve been really inspired lately to write about the importance and power of community. Last month, I joinedContinue reading “The Power of Community”